My Memoirs

Mother: WHOA! HEY!

10-year-old child: What?

Mother:  I just slipped on the kitchen floor!

10yo: Oh.

Mother: That was scary!

10yo: Mm-hmm.

Mother: I almost fell!

10yo: Ok.

Mother:  I, like, literally saw my entire life flash before my eyes!

10yo: Oh yeah. And what was that like? Your entire life?

Mother: Mostly me being really cool.


You know...except for just now when I slipped on the kitchen floor.


But mostly, I was awesome.

10yo: I have to go sort my laundry now.

Mother: Someday, you'll appreciate how awesome it was just to witness my awesomeness on an every day basis.

10yo: Whatevers.


JoeinVegas said...

10yo seems very impressed.

MommyTime said...

Wow, 10-yr-olds are a really tough crowd. I'm a little worried about when that age hits around here... said...

Lol! Yes, she's tough. But she has a twinkle in her eye when she says these things. Which, I dunno, could actually be worse. She's a benevolent snarky smartypants in exactly the same way I'm a benevolent snarky smartypants, so I think I'm in trouble. :-)

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