What the hell is NaBloPoMo?

Link please!

Okay, here it is -->;  

I've done this before.

Last year.

And 2007.

Good times. If you want to go through the 2007 posts, there are some rolicking grand photos of me and my sister. Also, some co-written blog posts.

This year, in a fit of complete sloth (and possibly avarice - I'm not sure I understand what that means, so I could be guilty), I polled my Facebook and Twitter people and asked them to give me 30 one-word topics on which to write.

I'll say this:

My People are creative. And a bit deranged.

And I actually have more than 30 words, but a late contender was
mugwump and I just have to find out what mugwump is so I can write about it and sound smart. Sort of like homologate, a word which was used by the International Skating Union both to confirm the first quadruple lutz in competition and to make baseball fans feel like illiterates.

A quick glance on The Internets tells me that
mugwumps have something to do with either politics or Harry Potter. I think I'm now vaguely remembering the meaning from tenth grade Social Studies or The Deathly Hallows. Anyway...I'll figure it out and be, like, all literate.

So, here are the topics for the next 29 days (in no particular order):


Crappy Coffee
72-day marriages
Quad lutz
Worst hair day ever
Throwing like a girl
Jolly Ollies
Roasting my first turkey
Hickory Fest

I'll have to double up some.

And I'm going to try to keep posts around 500 words or so, as opposed to my usual 1,500 - 3,000 words. I'm trying to be thrifty. And readable. And austere and stuff. But, you know, a humorous kind of austere.

Like those guards outside Buckingham Palace.

Or a plate of meatloaf at Le Bec Fin.

Or a bald cat.


Anyway, let's give this a go again, shall we? Me with the writing, you with the checking in once on a while, reading, even commenting and telling me I'm so literate and wonderful.


It's like running a marathon, except with less puking at the end.

Unless you're one of those drunken artist writers.

In which case, you should be doing NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month.

Let me start you out with an opening line:

Gregory rode the bull toward the great white whale, wondering if the best of times were before him or lost amidst some dark and stormy night.



Amydawg said...

I think mugwumps' origins have something to do with politics but I think you're confusing Harry Potter with the creepy barflies in Naked Lunch.

MommyTime said...

Now if the character's name had been Gregor, and the bull had been a roach, I think I could have gotten some mileage out of that first sentence. But as it stands, Dickens, Bulwyr-Lytton and I are stumped.

Also? I tried to poll my tweeps for topics and got no responses at all. (Probably because I've not been on Twitter much lately). So, yesterday was soup, and today might be zombie barbie. But after that, I'm a little at a loss.

Venus said...

Awesome. You've inspired me to try NaBloPoMo myself!! I'm going to try to seat-of-my-pants it unless I can come up with a prompt generator as cool as yours. :-) I look forward to your posts!!

I can't find my blog said...

So thrilled that you're doing NaBloPoMo this year. I miss you.

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