“Things I Had To Explain To People Today” Game

Here's how the game works:

I'll tell you how I explained something to someone today.

You guess what it is I was explaining.


1. You only need two little drops. That's enough. You don't need to use the equivalent of two dead horses.

2. Do you see now why I told you not to swing on that _________? Do you understand that I wasn't just being a meany? Now, help me find a screwdriver. This whole bottom of the _________ is scraping the floor.  

3. Because it looks better with the long end matching the long end and the short end matching the short end. Although, people will probably trip over it now. But that's their problem. 

4. You know how a rotary phone had a wire hooked to the wall and voices came over the wire? And now how with your cell phone, there is no wire and the voices come through the air? It's like that. 

5. He was like the Lady Gaga of the 1970s. Except skinnier.

6. You're about a three on that scale. But only because I've only ever seen you dress like my husband dresses when he's doing yard work.  

7. I really hate this song. Every time I hear it, all I can think is "This is what Satan will play in hell on Christmas Day to punish Woody Allen."

8. It means “far away”. So in this case, it means you're making it move from far away. 

Guess in the comments.


A random photo of me in a little red car, significant of nothing.


Kelly said...

1. Mouthwash or Liqued Tylenol?

2. Swinging on the door - that one I know is right.

3. Curtains - Swag of some kind?

4. Clairavoyance?

5. Want to say Mick Jagger most def - but since you say 70's -could be Elton John?

6. Best Dressed List?

7. So many possibilities here - Jingle Bells - laughing all the way...

8. Telepathy. Which kid is watching Discovery?

Mary said...

Great answers Kelly!

#2 I was thinking pantry door in our case, can't believe it's hinges never bent. Yes my 18 year old will still do pull ups on it.

#5 I was thinking David Bowie.

Xeompho said...

1. Aromatherapy oils? Like for an oil burner?
2. Door, I thought.
3. Bedsheets. I have this argument with the bedsheets every time I have to change the bed.
4. How does a sonic screwdriver work?
5. Bowie
6. ?
7. Snoopy's xmas
8. I think Kelly's right about telepathy.

Now to check the answers...

kkdanos said...

1. Food Coloring
2. Hanging on or swinging by the cabinet door and the hinges are bent
3. The tablecloth or bed sheet
4. Things we don't understand the particulars of but use every day, Alex for $100.
5. Mick Jagger
6. A guy friend or relative asking you to rate his sexiness on a 1-10 scale.
7. Mariah Carey's Christmas albulm
8. "A distance" someone is watching Netflix documentaries.

Venus said...

Ok, here goes!!

1. Glue! Since glue is made from horses' hooves... and you don't need a lot of it?

2. Fake christmas tree branch, tree.

3. Totally not getting this one.. some piece of furniture?

4. Baby monitor

5. Freddie Murcury

6. The "I'm a Lumberjack" scale

7. From a Distance

8. Afar

Anonymous said...

1. Explaining to co-worker how much Flunitrazepam to put in Joshua Ferris' caramel macchiato grande when he comes in for his book signing of The Unnamed.

2. Doorknob/door

3. While setting up a display at work involving a square table, oblong table cloth, and co-worker with a particular flair for asymmetrical fashion.

4. Explaing the difference between "boyfriend" and "friend with benefits" to almost teen.

5. Sonny Bono

6. Sanitation worker you happen to meet at end of driveway as you haul your garbage can out, asking you what his chances are of getting you to go out with him some time.

7. Anything by Nickelback

8. Explaining to child what Mam-mam means when she says "That's all the way in Timbuktu! You can't go bringing that to your house!"


Anonymous said...

1. Food colouring.
2. Cabinet door.
3. some sort of Christmas decoration.
4. skype
5. Prob Bowie. Prince was 80s.
7. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. Or one of the new terribly sentimental songs. (I am not sure if the Woody Allen ref is a clue; if so, I'm missing it)

JoeinVegas said...

Sorry, didn't get any of them right. But you do look cool in that red car.

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