Keeping It Real

Mother: Hey, guess what! I wrote something that got published a few different places!

Child: Good job, Mom!

Mother: Yeah, and a newspaper called me and asked me my opinions about parenting!

Child: A real newspaper?

Mother: Well...yes...a real newspaper.

Child: Huh! That's cool. Good for you, Mom.

Mother: I'm kinda excited!

Child: So, are you famous now?

Mother: Not really.

Child: Are you going to be rich?

Mother: Uhm...not exactly.

Child: Well, I'm proud of you. I know you like to write.

Mother: Thanks.

Child: Maybe you can write a book or something.

Mother: I think I could! It would be a lot of work.

Child: You're always telling us to work hard.

Mother: That's true.

Child: Okay.

Mother: Okay.



Child: Are you writing right now?

Mother: No, not right now.

Child: Could you make me a sandwich?


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You deserve this and I am excited for you! said...

Awww, thanks, Jenn!

You've been reading my blog forever, even those times when I was barely posting. Thank you for your continuous vote of confidence!

Marinka said...

I was really excited for you until I got to the not getting rich part.

A French mom would have had a first draft of that book already, by the way. In Chinese. said...


Yeah...although, I'm hoping someone will buy the movie rights to my blog post. I'm hoping Meryl Streep will play me in the film version.

And, sure, a French mom would have her Chinese version of the book done by now. But, I'm writing my foot notes in Lithuanian. Plus, Pennsylvanians drink more than the French, so I'm pacing myself differently. ;-) said...

footnotes, even

MommyTime said...

This is so EXCELLENT. I have been loving following this story.

If you want to make a club or something, of moms who want to write books but don't yet have their first drafts -- in either French or Chinese -- completed yet, I'd be happy to join. I'll bring the wine.

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