Taylor Swift Throwdown

Mother:  Your room is a disaster.

Child:  I'm doing something right now.

Mother:  You need to do something about your room right now.

Child:  UGH!

Mother:  Right. Now.

Child:  (singing)    Some day!
                             I'll be!
                             Living in a big ole city!
                             And all you're ever gonna be is mean!

Mother:  (singing)     That day!
                                 I'll be!
                                 Renting out your big ole bedroom!
                                 And all it's ever gonna be is clean!

Child:  Mom!

Mother:  (singing)     But to-day!
                                 You'll be!
                                 Sweeping with a big old push broom!
                                 And I'll be making me a cup of tea!

Child:  MOM! STOP!


Kristine said...

You are my hero!

Redneck Mommy said...

I'm so doing this to my daughter.

Thank you Yoda. You are a wise master.

TEFL Ninja said...

I admire you from the bottom of my high heeled boots for having both the wit and the energy to think up lyrics in response.

This is week 1 of "oh look, I just turned back in to a home educator after a second foray into the Italian state system made the first look like a walk in the park with free toffee apples" and .... I'm not sure I can manage much more than muttering "Right am go find black bin bags for Purposes of Pokemon Armaggedon" at the moment.

Would you like a free 11yo boy? Will pay the postage from Italy.

kate said...

I am super impressed at your ability to come up with that on the spot!

josetteplank.com said...

Kate, all my years in Improv Comedy sometimes serve me well. :-)

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