Where's Josette? School Madness, Twittering, and Mamapop

Yeah, so, I was doing real good with posting once a week. That was fabulous, how good I was doing with that.

But then I wasn't.

Because April/May is hell. I mean, the good kind of hell.

A brief synopsis of April/May would include two weekend skating competitions that required lots of driving, hotels, and hand-holding a highly-combustible teen girl athlete, three orchestra concerts, a Girl Scout bridging ceremony, three field trips (one which included a 2 1/2 mile hike up the sheer face of a mountain), three class parties, three track and field days, a skating recital, a soccer tournament, and an exploding toilet.

The exploding toilet was unplanned, which made it all that much more fun.

And so it went on, 2000 feet high within a two-mile walk....

I also went to a Twitter party.

Which sounds really lame, but look at this:

Created by backdoorcakery.com  
That's a Fail Whale cake. So, you know, don't be a hater, Tater. It was awesome. I ate three of those cupcakes. One for breakfast. Which means I win Twitter.

Actually, it means I follow the dream nutritional plan of a Kindergartner.

Another thing keeping me busy and away from my blog is - ironically - writing.

I wrote something for the Patriot News.

That's a real newspaper. In print. Which means I can now officially call myself a Writer, since most people still think bloggers are like scrapbookers or first grade teachers: cute hobby, no talent or seriously hard work necessary. And to be honest, sure, there are some bloggers out there who use the Internet as nothing more than a public Post-it note or to publish their blank verse poetry, for crying out loud. Giving a bad name to those of us who treasure a well-placed semicolon or an artful sentence fragment.

And I was being sarcastic with the first grade teacher quip. You know...funny political. Since most people think being a teacher is so flippin' easy. Bygones.

Anyway, I've been writing other places, as well. Lookee here!

I wrote about The Great Gatsby trailer.  Which was awesome.

And I interviewed my eldest child about the Minecraft video/computer game:

13-Year-Old Reviews (OMG! Awesome!): Million-Selling ‘Minecraft’

Teenagers. No comment.

My middle child and I reviewed a few boy bands from around the world.

And then I got political again and wrote about breastfeeding, providing safe births for women around the world, playing sports while wearing a hijab, and prom dresses.

Also, a ton of other stuff.

So, so busy.

Being a writer.

And chasing my kids

But I promise, I have't forgotten my blog.

Just my mind.

The view from crazy. Now with extra Croc!

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Anonymous said...

That's my cake! I was excited to deliver that thing and watch everyone go crazy with their phones snapping pics! I've checked around now and again to see if it landed on anyone's website...I can't help but feel a little pride when I See that picture and compliments posted on your blog!!

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