This Blog Post Is Not SEO Optimized

And I bet you think I'm now going to write about Search Engine Optimization and how it's for chumps.

Well...maybe it is and maybe it isn't. That's a debate that's been raging since the beginning of time, right up there with The Great Debates. Would the Hanging Gardens of Babylon have survived longer if management had incorporated water rides and a steel roller coaster? Was Bob Dylan correct in his opinion of non-exclusionary policy when it comes to just who should and shouldn't get stoned? Am I, like, the only human being alive and everyone else is just a robot?

Okay, so just a quick post to let you all know that my Toyota finally has a new timing belt. This is not something I've ever mentioned before on this blog, so don't waste your time looking for some hilarious tale about me in my Toyota and the timing belt breaking while I was driving through the desert and I had to pull into a roadhouse where I got in a fight with an obnoxious biker after he insinuated the Odyssey minivan handled better than the Sienna. That would have been a great story. And maybe I'll write it someday and sell the movie rights.

But, no. Right now I only have a workaday story of how my minivan hit 100,000 miles and it cost me $735 to have the timing belt replaced. Which I then scheduled, and then I arranged to have someone drive with me to the shop, all in a very adult-like manner.

I guess it would have been more entertaining if on the way to the shop I had hit a deer.

Or a clown.

Or a clown riding a deer.

Once, I hit a television with my 1966 Mustang and ripped apart the bottom of the car. I vaguely remember my dad mutter-cursing about "how the hell the tie rod would just break for no good reason", and luckily, he didn't find a cathode ray tube shoved up under the car. That would have given me away.

I hit the television driving out the pole line, up the mountain, to a keg party.

I suppose you could say it served me right to hit a television. Or, maybe it served my dad right. He was the one always telling us to get out of the house and go outside.


Oh! My hot water heater in the house broke, too!

But I don't want to use up all my good stories at once. I can't optimize for "timing belt", "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" and "power vent hot water heater" all in the same post. Or rather, I shouldn't.

Look. Here's a picture of my middle child taking a break during a soccer tournament. So young. So carefree and full of hope for the future.

Mostly, I think she's just tired from kicking butt all morning.

Anyway, I did write something super excellent over at MamaPop.

All about Carly Rae Jepsen and Gotye and ear worms and how I can ascertain the configurations of your personality based upon how you answer a series of five questions on topics such as Star Wars, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, hula-hoops, and Justin Bieber.

It's a peer reviewed study, so you can feel good about participating.

Also, there is some goofiness.

You won't get that here.


Chris Bird said...

I love your level of whimsy. I thought I was quite the whimsical SOB, but it turns out that you have your fair share as well. From what I have seen so far. Keep it up, and thanks for the smiles.

P.S. I hate captcha. said...

Thanks! I hate captcha, too. I hated it a while back and wanted to remove and then forgot about it. Done!

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