RIP Jersey Mike

I woke up today wanting to write something for people who may be visiting my blog for the first time.

But today is a day I don't have many words.

Jersey Mike had words.

And work.
"Live music can make a city. The thing that keeps me going every day is when you get a group of people together watching a band, and they are so enraptured by what that performer is doing that they drop everything - they're not looking at anything else, they're not on their cell phones or talking to the person next to them. It's a different buzz, a different high than watching a football game or reading a book or going to church. One thing I think we can all agree upon as human beings is that everyone has a favorite band, a favorite song, and everyone has seen a live musical performance that has shaken them to their core. It seems that cities that embrace that, concerts, clubs and coffeehouses have a leg up on other communities. Even from an economical standpoint, it brings in young people and hip way of thinking. Live music in any city is a determining factor for many people in choosing where they want to live or spend their money... 
"Harrisburg is home to me, yes. I mean, my heart is always in New Jersey, but yes, I've been here for 10 years, I've let the grass grow under my feet, I own a house, this is home."  ~ Mike Van Jura
One of his last posts on the social media site Twitter was a request for Toys For Tots donations.

He will be deeply missed.

Rock and roll promoter. Social commentator. Rabble rouser. Connector. Instigator. Peace keeper. Left handed. Putting square pegs into round holes since 1976.
Harrisburg, PA, USA

Thank you, New Jersey, for sharing him with us.
Today proceeds from a 4:00 show at Abbey Bar in Harrisburg will go to his family.

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