Today's Book: Meth 101

Okay, today's Book Found Lying Around My House is not really a meth cookbook.

It's about science. And conversations.

But I'm completely immersed in Breaking Bad right now, and damn if it isn't one of the best things I've watched on television in forever.

Well...not television. We don't have real cable, so The Mister and I just watched all four seasons on Netflix. Like this:


Breaking Bad, if you don't know, is about a high school chemistry teacher who gets lung cancer and begins cooking meth with a former student in order to make enough cash to set up his family after his death. At one point while meeting with a drug lord named Tuco, the chemistry teacher calls himself "Heisenberg." And then he blows up the drug lord's office with explosive fulminated mercury.

Jesse and Walter cosplay kids
There is no chapter in Physics and Beyond on fulminated mercury.

Or cooking crystal meth.

Or on how to set contracts with underworld crime bosses in order to distribute your "product" and in the process make beaucoup scratch.

I bought this book for a class at Boston University. I have no idea which class. I never read the book.

This is not a good advertisement for pricey liberal arts degrees.

I went to college, and all I got was this stupid blog post.

But I suppose I'll read the book now while I wait for season five of Breaking Bad to come out on Netflix. I hope there's no spoiler about what happened to Mike after he was shot in the cartel dude's driveway. Or  whether Jesse finds out about Brock. And what ever happened to Skinny Pete?

Chapter 14 is entitled "Individual Behavior in the Face of Political Disaster." I'm sure all will be revealed there.

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