John Milton's School Of Overly Suspicious Parenting

Kid: Do we have a copy of Paradise Lost?

Mom: Paradise Lost. The Paradise Lost by John Milton. Is it for school?

Kid: No.

Mom: So...what? You want to read it?

Kid: Yes.

Mom: You want to read it.


Mom: Why?

Kid: Just because.

Mom: Well, I'm  just wondering why. Paradise Lost by John Milton. The Paradise Lost that's written in blank verse.

Kid: Sigh

Mom: No, because I'm just...does some kid's cartoon mention it? Did Katy Perry write a song about it?

Kid: No. Never mind.

Mom: No! Wait! Here! Paradise Lost! Just read the intro.I think some of my notes from college are in the margins.

Kid: Okay. Thanks.

Mom: Yup. (Making note to self: Next time just shut up.)

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MommyTime said...

Woot! Woot! My 9 yr old wants to read Dracula. I think I'll let him. I read Jane Eyre at about that age. But your 14 yr old with Milton trumps us all. Good on her. When she's done, ask her if she thinks we're supposed to like, or at least feel sorry for, Satan. ;) Enjoy the quiet head explosion when she actually has an answer. You have raised a serious reader, Mama. Good on you!

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