Take Your Child To Work Day

April 25, 2013 is Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day.

My husband sent an email to my older kids asking them if they'd like to attend at his office. I'm guessing his work place will have some activities set up for kids. Maybe a snack and some juice. And then they'd get to hang out in his cubicle for a bit, twirl around on the chairs, make some crafts with rubber bands and paper clips while he made phone calls.

Perhaps there'd be some actual lawyer-ing they could help him do. Send someone up the river or toss'em in the hoosegow.

My retail workplace doesn't participate in Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day. Liability reasons.

But frankly, I think kids would get a lot out of working a day in retail.

I think that spending seven hours on their feet while assisting customers with questions and complaints, organizing the magazine racks, dusting the shelves, ringing at the register, putting hundreds of books back where they belonged, filling paper towels in the rest room, helping wash dishes in the cafe, sweeping the floor and wiping tables, and needing to presume that everyone they talked to was "always right" and to presume so with a smile on their face -

I think that would actually be a great motivator to continue to work hard in school and get good grades so that if my kids did go into retail, they could at least enter as a lieutenant.

I  think everyone should work retail at some point, if just for a few hours.

I think everyone should also know a few words in sign language and be able to drive a clutch, but generally, no one is asking me what I think.


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Sarah said...

I can just imagine it now. They totally SHOULD come to work with you.

josetteplank.com said...

I will say that my younger daughter did shadow my husband when he worked during a hearing. I think it was eye-opening to see her dad using his professional smarts in court.

Although, the at home kid-parent arguments-negotiations can be just as wily at times. I live in a house full of attorneys. ;-)

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