I think I'm going to start blogging again.

Take it back old school.

Under the radar.

Just writing something every day, getting back into the habit of writing for myself.

No audience in mind.

Stream of consciousness, just letting it all hang out.

Well...maybe I'll censor a few things.

At least until my youngest is out of middle school and out of the worst of the "OHMYGODMOMYOU'REEMBARRASSINGME" stage.

I was thinking of gussying up the old blog, making it look all streamlined and design-conscious with shades of gray and celadon and a pimento-colored highlights.

I dunno. Seems like a lot of work.

This past summer, my son wore two different hockey socks to hockey practice, and the old, grisly coach called him out in front of the group and asked him why the hell he was wearing two different socks, if he wants to stand out, do it with skill, not with socks.

I kinda feel that way about trying to change up the blog design too much, getting too fancy.

I should just let the writing do the talking. Or the reading. Or the sock mis-matching.


So, let's do this. Again. For old time's sake.

Free stock photo by PIRO4D from Pixaby.com. Because why not.

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